A healthy kitchen starts with the floor

A healthy kitchen starts with the floor

The kitchen is a very important part of family life, we basically have to deal with the kitchen every day, so the health and environmental protection of the kitchen decoration is particularly important.

One: Wood floor

Wood is the best environmental protection material, after careful maintenance of wood flooring, its service life is very long, and very healthy. However, its output process takes a long life cycle to complete, so when choosing wood flooring, you can refer to the following conditions to make a choice: FSC certification is a chain of custody certification issued by the Forest Stewardship Council on wood production and marketing, FSC certified wood can not only ensure the quality of wood, but also ensure the environmental protection of wood; Pay attention to the hardness of the board as needed, and select a board with moderate hardness according to the actual situation.

Two: recycled wood flooring

Smart manufacturers create sustainable development opportunities. Recycled wood flooring is made from wood taken from previously demolished or old buildings. Recycled wood can also be used after treatment, especially some tropical hard wood. And by using recycled wood you save the forest.

Three: Solid wood flooring

The choice of solid wood flooring is a very environmentally friendly move, solid wood flooring with natural wood as raw materials, it does not have any harmful radioactive substances, nor does it contain formaldehyde, very beneficial to health. Compared to other synthetic wood materials, its structure is more stable and is the preferred material for kitchen floors.

Four: Linoleum floor

Real linoleum is made from natural materials, including Paul linseed oil, which has natural antibacterial properties. Linoleum is wear-resistant, has a long service life, and linoleum has a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, linoleum floor is a good choice for kitchen floor.

Five: Cork flooring

Compared with solid wood flooring, cork flooring is more soundproof, and the moisture-proof effect is also very good, soft cork flooring gives people an excellent sense of foot, is the best choice for kitchen materials, it sooth the fatigue caused by long-term standing to a certain extent. And it is a rapidly renewable material, can be used for the production of tiles, wood. During processing, a layer of protective oil should be added to the cork to protect the edge and interface, which can extend the service life of the cork floor.

Six: Rubber cork mixed floor

The use of cork mixed in the rubber material increases the wear resistance, and the material is available in about 17 different colors, from neutral to bright.

Conclusion: The kitchen is a relatively wet, greasy place, for the kitchen floor we should not only pay attention to the beautiful appearance, but also pay attention to its environmental performance and anti-fouling performance. Choosing the right kitchen floor means we don't need to replace it for a long time to come, saving money and resources.