What is the use of waxing wood floors?

As we all know, wood flooring has a series of advantages such as beautiful, wear-resistant, environmental protection, but this floor itself, it needs careful care. For example, wood floor waxing, which is the maintenance work we all know that wood floors must be. However, how to wax the wood floor, what is the effect of waxing the wood floor? Is that clear to everyone?

How to wax wood floors?

1. Clean the floor. Before waxing, do not use a cloth containing chemicals to wipe the floor, it will cause the floor wax adhesion. Before waxing, the floor surface must be cleaned of garbage and dust, which can be wiped with a vacuum cleaner or diluted neutral detergent.

2. Dry the floor. After cleaning, it is necessary to carefully check and dry the surface of the floor, especially the residual detergent in the groove, otherwise it will lead to white and bulging on the surface, and waxing can be done after the moisture is completely dry, according to the different seasons, the required drying time is different, and the summer generally only takes 10 to 20 hours.

3. Wax. Shake the container with floor wax, and stir well, in the room as a whole before waxing can be carried out in the three points of the local trial, to confirm that there is no anomaly after the whole waxing. Then use a clean rag or special waxing mop to fully dip the floor wax, carefully apply in accordance with the direction of the wood grain of the floor, do not miss the coating or uneven thickness, maintain uniform thickness is the key to waxing. Do not pour the floor wax directly on the floor, otherwise it will produce marks and ring marks. Finally, the imported machine is used to polish the floor, so that the floor will appear more bright.

What is the use of waxing wood floors?

Floor waxing can not only prevent the floor from being worn, but also extend the service life of the floor, at the same time, the waxed floor is easy to clean, if you usually get stains on the floor, often maintain the floor is easy to remove the stain. If it is a wood floor, it will also be subject to temperature changes and thermal expansion and contraction, wax can play a role in inhibiting the floor from warping and deformation.