Share with you next winter near the floor options

Get color floor to share with you the choice of next winter near the floor, now many people are already padded jacket and down jacket, thoroughly feel the pace of winter! Now many people are unable to leave their mobile phones or computer products, but in the cold winter people are afraid to reach out to play mobile phones and computers. At this time, we need to install floor heating to give ourselves a warm winter! Many people also consider buying the floor heating, but do not know what brand to buy and how to buy, it has been in the waiting period, and so on when the day is getting colder and colder, how to regret not to buy the floor heating earlier, the following is a detailed introduction for you how to choose the floor heating:

The heat source should be transmitted to the ground through the floor heating, so the thickness of the floor heating should not be too thick, and the design needs to fully understand what thickness of the floor is compared with the floor heating, according to our general experience, 12 to 16 mm is more appropriate!

Taking into account the thickness problem, I feel that the floor can not be too thick, but it is too thin and easy to deform, so I should understand what the material of the floor heating is, and it can achieve wear-resistant, waterproof and fireproof. Long-term use no deformation, no cracking and so on!

The third point to take into account is whether the formaldehyde content of the floor heating floor exceeds the standard, which is related to human health, should not be sloppy, only the floor made of green materials is in line with people's choice of environmental protection and safety!

The fourth point is to look at the paint on the floor surface, some floor heating floor heating for a period of time, the paint on the floor will appear cracked, falling off and other phenomena, which is the result of the use of inferior paint, inferior paint after heating makes the paint adhesion reduced, there is the above phenomenon, at the same time, inferior paint does not meet national safety standards!